Mindful Bodywork


The Experience:

I believe our body is an extension of spirit or source energy and that pain or discomfort is a symptom of the mind. This is one of the many reasons I begin treatments face up, allowing me to start as close to the source as possible. Beginning with high quality aromatherapy tailored to fit your needs, rubbing it in the temples and continuing with a deeply therapeutic scalp massage relaxing tension at its source. Here we will increase blood flow to the brain, calm the central nervous system and decrease brain wave activity, all at the beginning of our session. These first few minutes will help you drop in and become more receptive to the remainder of the work being done. Organic Jojoba oil is used throughout the treatment to ensure your skin receives nothing but the best. Using perfectly firm, long flowing strokes allows the muscles to relax and elongate. Luxury Comphy sheets are soft on the skin and warm steamed towels compressed around the feet create a little slice of heaven. Tiger Balm or CBD Balm on the back, neck and shoulders will leave your body in a state of bliss. We finish the session with a 125 year old Tibetan singing bowl sound healing, melting your body to becoming in tune with YOU.  

60 minutes $120

90 minutes $160

120 minutes $200 + $50 Psoas release

150 minutes $280 includes Psoas Release

Psoas / lower back / Hip Release Bodywork:

During this treatment I take an integrative approach to releasing the Psoas. I start with Cranial-Sacral work. Then I palpate, stretch, strain/counter-strain and use Active Release Technique on the Psoas muscle. I also work on accompanying problem muscles such as the Ilicas, Iliotibial Band, Piriformis and Quadratus Lumborum. All on both sides, but a majority of the work will go to the side giving you the most discomfort. Once everything is relaxed we perform a sacral alignment technique. And at the end, together we go over stretches and self care to keep the Psoas happy and healthy.

60 Minutes $150

Note: Must have never had the following but not limited to; any type of stomach surgery, stomach stapling, hernia, cesarean section etc. Women must not be on their moon.

Tune Up:

In this treatment we focus on specific problem areas. Here I will select from a few tailored modalities to best approach your body’s needs at the time. This treatment is more like a physical therapy like approach. This is usually used in between full body sessions as a way to expedite the healing process.

60 minutes $120

Mini Tune-Up:

Let’s get you in and out. Here we will focus on one specific area. Does not include oils or towels. Clothing will remain on during this treatment.
20 minutes $30
Available weekdays 5-8pm and weekends only.

In Suite Massage:

Includes all the niceties of The Experience, but better because you can roll off the table and on to your couch.

90 minutes $220

each additional hour $120

( Santa Barbara only) please contact me for custom quotes outside of Santa Barbara.

CBD Add-in:

CBD is know for its anti-inflammatory, pain reduction and healing properties. I offer a CBD add-in option with 25mg of an organic liquid sublingual taken before the treatment and organic CBD balm on a problem area of your choice.