Additional Healers

Have you ever needed a special service although weren't sure where to go or how best to research its quality? We’ve created a directory of services to help find what you need. We will only post services in which we have used ourselves and have found to be excellent. If you have any questions about the referrals, you're welcome to contact us. You'll notice there are repeats in services or modalities if you will (i.,e., Acupuncture, massage etc.) There is no competition or compensation here, just choices. Find who is right for you, the practitioner that you are comfortable and have rapport with. We hope to support you in many ways. One way is providing links of these trusted services, guiding you toward fulfillment in your life, the fulfillment you deserve!

*Brent Kee Chi Massage Therapy strives to research and refer the most high-quality services and products available to enhance your health and well-being.  Still, it is an subjective opinion and we make no claim, promise, or guarantee for the adequacy or quality of your experience.



Tiff Thompson PhD, MFT, QEEG-D, REEG-T, BCN: Neurotherapist

Dr. Thompson is a board certified neurotherapist, licensed psychotherapist, and neurofeedback professional. Dr. Dogris and Thompson are Santa Barbara’s only Quantitative EEG Diplomates (QEEG-D) from the QEEG Certification Board (meaning that their processing and interpretations of brain maps are valid and certified). Dr. Thompson is a Registered EEG Technician, a medical credential bestowed by the American Society of Neurodiagnostic Technicians. She has worked in neurology clinics, as well as clinical settings. She holds two Masters degrees, one in Depth Counseling Psychology and another in Communication from Pacifica Graduate Institute and the University of Maryland, respectively. She has a PhD in Psychology; her dissertation was on the intersection of psychodynamic psychology model of the psyche and electroencephalography (EEG).



p: (805) 453- 6190


Jada Delaney: Transformational Abdominal Massage. 


Jada is committed to helping people lead a healthier life, effecting positive change from within, which then radiates outwards. Her Transformational Abdominal Massage is a potent therapeutic remedy, resulting in improved physical, emotional and mental health. 




p: 415-242-0864



Santa Barbara Cryotherapy


Step into our Cryosauna and become a whole new you. Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a dynamic modality which uniquely harnesses the power of cold. WBC effectively and comfortably treats pain, inflammation, Rheumatiod Arthritis, autoimmune disorders of the joints, MS, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, depression, anxiety, insomnia and many other conditions.

Our mission is to bring health and wellness to everybody with our cold therapy treatments. We want to help our clients have an energized and rejuvenated mind and body, to look and feel refreshed and invigorated.


p: 1.805.770.7437