Chi Massage Therapy

First time Customer Introductory Rate: $99 for 60 minute Luxury Massage. Conveniently located on State Street or in-home/ hotel service.

63 Five-Star Google Reviews!!

My Example Brent is awesome! It’s like getting a massage from a shaman. You feel his energetic attunement to what you need throughout the whole process.

- Abby Zilch

Brent is an exceptionally gifted healer.

- April Byers

Brent is amazing... not only the massage but his own energy and compassion. Such a great experience.

- Jennifer Robinson

Brent is a phenomenal massage therapist! What I like most is that Brent creates an enegetic container that feels safe and loving, I can really drop in and allow my my body to fully receive the treatment. I'm using the the word treatment because the session seems catered to me and my bodies needs and not that of a cookie cutter massage. I highly recommend a session with Brent!

- Jada Delaney

I have had dozens of massages in my life and Brent was by far what I have been looking for. His technique was costomized for me and my needs. His bedside manner made me comfortable and I relaxed within moments of walking in. My entire experience was beyond expectations. I have finally found MY massage therapist and looking forward to my next session!

- Katrina Harris

I was never a huge fan of massages as I found it was difficult for me to relax during the massage. A few months ago that completely changed when my sisters treated me to a massage with Brent. I can honestly say it was the best massage ever! He talks with you to find what works for you and his calmness and professionalism make it a positive and relaxing experience, and his skills are unparalleled. I have gone back several times and hope to continue to do so on a monthly basis. I definitely recommend Brent; you won’t be disappointed!

- S. T.

I’ve been going to Brent for over a year and I couldn’t be happier. His massages are very relaxing and healing. The massage setting is tranquil and he is one of the warmest and kindest people you will ever meet. I cannot wait for my next massage..Thank you for everything!!!!!

Isabel Esparza

My experience with Brent was exceptional. This is a 5 star spa massage - complete with aroma therapy. Brent intuitively found my trouble spots, while also helping me to feel deeply relaxed by the end of the massage. I have had a massage a couple of times per month on average over the last several years and one of the big things I look for is someone who has great technique and a healing touch, Brent has both!

- Sid Zagri

I'm not the biggest fan nor have I ever felt a lot of benefit from massage of any type. I went to Brent not expecting much even though I had heard incredible things about him. Wow! I went for an hour and a half session with Brent and left feeling like I could barely walk - in a very good way - no pain just a deep and tingly sensation all over. I felt loose as a goose. I'm not sure if I drank 2bottles of wine in between naps but I sure felt next level relaxation as if I had a sensory deprivation float session !!

- Scott Andrade

I have been going to Brent for about 2 years now and even though I moved out of town, I always make sure to see him when I come back. He is always accommodating with my crazy schedule and is the only therapist I can go to with my multitude of back issues that can provide positive theraputic results beyond relaxation. I will make sure to see him regularly when I move back to town. Highly recommend!

- Andrew Pado

Highly recommended! I'm so glad to have found a therapist of his caliber in Santa Barbara. Unlike other therapists I've seen, you can tell he has thought about every detail and how to best support you in your healing process. He has improved my bruxism and lower back pain and is the only person I know in the area that has expertise in Psoas release.

-Kelly Irelan

With so many massage therapists in town it can be difficult at times to find a really intuitive and effective healer. Brent made me feel comfortable and provided an experience like no other. His work integrates on so many levels and I would highly recommend him to friends and family.

- Brandon Kaysen

Brent is a masterful bodyworker. Both strong and subtle, he is effective at melting tension.

- Luke Buchanan

Brent is a master masseur and an extremely gifted healer. His great big open heart and deep compassion for people comes through in every session. I can’t recommend him enough.

Andy Clark

My massage from Brent was probably the best massage I have ever received. He often checked in to make sure the pressure was appropriate and he was incredibly professional and kind. The room was perfect and a soothing environment. The warm eye pillow and warmed steamed towels were heavenly. I have already booked to return and will continue to do so.

Paul T

I have been a client of Brent Kee for 5 months. I received a referral to see him as a remedy to chronic hip pain. Beginning with my first massage I began to experience considerable relief. I now have amazingly improved range of motion. For nearly 2 years I could not cross my legs to put on my shoes and socks without excruciating pain. Brent is a very knowledgeable and supportive practitioner. With his expertise I now have improved balance and mobility. Brent provides complete methodology for physical and spiritual healthfulness. He encouraged me to stretch after my sessions which I believe is the KEY to the KEE experience.

- Leon Daniels

Brent did a great job. He was receptive and intuitive to my requests and needs. His demeanor was comfortable and therapeutic, offering a range of modalities and options. I would recommend him to anyone I know. I also enjoyed the company of Plato!

- Anneke de Vries

I have had several sessions with Brent and they all have been amazing. I have a lot of damage to my neck and shoulders from car accidents and Brent’s skills and know how when it comes to the body gave me incredible relief. I highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed.

- Jenny Cothran

Had my first professional massage with Brent. He was able to make me feel very comfortable and helped ease the tension in my neck and shoulder which I have carried around for 5 years. Would highly recommend.

Alex Van Valen

I’ve had massages before and this was the best, most professional and relaxing one I’ve ever had! Dude knows what he’s doing. Thank you Brent!

Dan Cicileo

Brent has exceptional skills and loves what he does. I feel wonderful after he works with me!! He can move energy and help balance your body.

- Nicholas Dogris


Chi: The energy force inherent in all things.